21 thoughts on “Don’t Give to Caesar what is God’s

  1. Sam says:
    October 27, 2020 at 11:44 AM (Edit)
    As an aside, I find it offensive and needlessly exclusive when someone uses the word “man” to describe human persons, men AND women!

    You are offended by this. but you continue to deliberately call me “Andrew” instead of “Father”, which you know very well is offensive to me (and is exactly why you do it)? Please practice what you preach. I would find our conversations would be far more constructive if we could discuss differences civilly and charitably rather than with the insults and name-calling that are so frequently posted by members of “St. Ann’s in Exile.” Respectfully disagreeing and offering evidence-based rebuttals is constructive; name-calling is childish.

    • Sam says:

      I call you by your baptismal name of Andrew, because baptism is our highest dignity and calling. I believe in a church of equals, not in the patriarchy. This is the paradigm I embrace as closest to the Gospels and to Jesus. Please, take no offense, and be at peace. We are brothers, Andrew.
      As for the Scriptures, I am at a loss. Adam and Eve are Jewish stories. I have an excellent Catholic education, I promise.
      St. Ann’s In Exile is an exemplary group of Christian equals. We are hoping to return to our home within the next year as circumstances change there.

      • The decision to call my by my baptismal name rather than “Father” is not yours to make. The Church directs us to call priests “father” so as to acknowledge the special role he has in our lives as one ordained to act “in persona Christi capiti” (in the person of Christ the head.) By not using the title of “father” you show contempt for the gift of the Holy Spirit that ontologically changes a man at his ordination and makes him a spiritual father to us. As an analogy, is it better to call your parents Bob and Sue rather than mother and father? Is using their baptismal name more appropriate in that situation? Calling them mother and father respects the unique role they have in your life. I explain it to people this way: if I were not your priest but were just some man who lives down the block, would we have the same relationship? The answer is always “no.” So calling me “Father” is not done out of lording a relationship over you, but rather out of respect for the special role I have in your life.

  2. 19melissa70 says:

    Charity Never Faileth!

  3. 19melissa70 says:

    If you think I have a lack of “Christian Charity”, I would expect you to provide an example as proof.

    • The example is you calling Trump a “Breeder” and a “Sicko.” You may disagree with someone, but calling him names is not Christian charity.

    • Sam says: I don’t know what Adam and Eve thought of the apple.
      That’s just a myth.

      Aha!!! Now we know where you come from! You are stuck in the revisionist theology of scripture scholars of the 1970s that treated everything as myth and not reality. Pope St. Paul VI rejected the idea that Adam and Eve are just a myth. That explains a lot! You need to get with the modern church and out of the errors of the 1970s.

      • 19melissa70 says:

        Not just stories, definitely truth.
        Wasn’t an apple though, was it?
        It was a fig.

      • Sam says:

        Peace be unto you, Andrew. No need to flip your wig on this. It is well known that Adam and Eve never happened. I am going off what I’ve been taught in Catholic parishes and schools all my life, including the once great St. Ann’s before the takeover.

      • Don’t worry Sam. I’m not flipping my wig. (I don’t wear one! :)) I’m merely pointing out that that particular strain of biblical approach, popular when you were young, has today been discredited and dismissed. Read Pope Benedict XVI’s writings on interpreting the Bible. You will find it enlightening.

  4. 19melissa70 says:

    F*** Donald Trump!
    He’s nothing but a “Breeder”.
    His idea if being Pro-life is using a woman for childbearing. When she stops bearing, he dumps her to the trash and tries to find a younger woman who can.

    • Please limit your comments to those that are directly related to the topic of discussion and refrain from using uncharitable words and making nasty comments. Such responses only give witness to your character and your lack of Christian charity. They do nothing to support any argument you are trying to make.

    • Actually, it was the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that they were forbidden to eat. It’s a beautiful way of saying God told them not to try to decide for themselves what is right and wrong and listen instead to Him. God is all knowing; man is not. God will never deceive us. If we listen to Him and follow what He tells us to do all will be fine. But if we ignore what God teaches us and think we can decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong, we will ruin everything. That’s what Satan tempted them to do and that’s what they did. As a result, Paradise was lost to us and the Devil was given his entry into our world. So it’s our fault that there is evil in the world, not God’s. And whenever we continue to follow our own beliefs and feelings rather than what God teaches us through the Church we help evil thrive. As Blessed Carlo Acutis said: “Outside God is noise, turmoil, quarrel, war. With God everything is order, everything is in order.” Do as God tells us, not as we want, and we will have peace. It’s that simple!

      • Sam says:

        As an aside, I find it offensive and needlessly exclusive when someone uses the word “man” to describe human persons, men AND women!

  5. Angie says:

    Well, if you are for Trump, you hit the jackpot at St. Ann’s this week.

    • I never mentioned any candidate by name. I only laid out the Church’s teachings on which issues are of most importance
      to us. If you believe that means you should vote for Trump then you have told yourself that Trump is more in line with Church ethics than Biden is. You said it; I didn’t!

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