How does one become a saint?

I just got back from Rome last night, and while there, I could not cease to remember seeing Pope John Paul II several times on previous trips to Rome and reflecting on how I saw and met a future saint. With the recent news that Pope Francis will canonize Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, a lot of attention will be focusing on the process of being declared a saint. The blog whose link I have attached below does an  excellent job in relating the process.

One thing I always find necessary to point out is that the Church doesn’t make saints: we declare them. A saint is someone in heaven. When someone is canonized, it means that God has given us sufficient indication that the individual is with him in glory, and that their life was so exemplary of the life of discipleship in Christ that we should pause and reflect upon their life, as it will help us on our journey.

Undoubtedly, someone will point out a sin the person once committed and think this automatically rules the person out for sainthood. Not true. We don’t canonize people for being sinless; we canonize them for practicing heroic virtue, which clearly both John XXIII and John Paul II demonstrated amply in their lives.

The link below describes the canonization process: