Was Pope Pius XII framed by the KGB?

The following is an excerpt from an article I found online by Edward Pentin, written on August 24th. I visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem this year, and was bitterly upset by their blatant depiction of Pius XII as having done nothing to save Jews during the Holocaust. They made only a passing mention that his role was controversial. The following adds support for the belief that he was in fact framed by the KGB and that the world has bought it.

When former Romanian intelligence chief General Ion Mihai Pacepa made sensational claims in 2007 that Pope Pius XII was the victim of a Soviet plot to frame him as a Nazi sympathizer, historians and even even some of Pius’s defenders were skeptical.

Yet as new evidence has come to light, Pacepa’s claims are gaining wider support. The former spy chief, who defected to the United States in 1978, has just completed a new book called “Disinformation” in which, together with Ronald Rychlak, an expert on Pius XII and the Holocaust, he explains how the intricate framing operation was carried out.

The book promises to paint an intricate picture of the nefarious methods and labyrinthine plots used by the KGB to frame anti-communists such as the wartime Pope. CIA director James Woolsey writes in the book’s introduction that it “will change the way you look at intelligence, foreign affairs, the press and much else.”

Its authors hope to show the extent to which the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign thwarted the truth becoming known about Pius XII — a Pope who, according to recently discovered historical evidence, saved more Jewish lives during World War II than any other religious and political leader combined.

Rychlak, a law professor at the University of Mississippi, was initially sceptical of a Kremlin plot, but rather than let the claims pass and fade away, he spent the next two years combing through documents to see if Pacepa’s claims would add up. “Bit by bit, all the pieces fell in place,” he told me. “The new picture answered many questions and made sense out of things that had previously been inexplicable.”

The former Romanian spy chief remains in hiding for his own protection, but through the Pave the Way Foundation, a charity that seeks to bridge sectarian divisions, he explained via email his proof of a KGB plot against Pius. But he said that to recognize such evidence of disinformation, “one should be familiar with the Kremlin’s very secret “science” of changing the past in order to suit current priorities.”

“In KGB jargon, changing the past was called “framing,” and it was a highly classified disinformation specialty,” he explained, adding that the operations were “like mosaics made up of hundreds or even thousands of tiny pieces fitted together.”

“Only a handful of master designers know how the final image will turn out,” he continued. “I was peripherally involved in changing the past of Pius XII, but at that time, even I did not know what the final image would look like.”

He gave examples of how such framing operations were executed, such as Stalin’s ruthless methods to falsify historical facts to fit into his own plans in the 1930s, and Pacepa’s own disinformation operations as head of Romanian intelligence in the 1970s. He explained how he managed to hoodwink Western heads of state, intelligence officers and others into believing that Romania’s dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, was an admirable, pro-Western leader when, in fact, “he was a two-bit Dracula.” Ceausescu was executed by his own people in 1989, but Pacepa said that few in the West “looked back to speculate about how they had been so misled.”

His upcoming book, he explained, “contains solid, primary evidence documenting how the immense KGB disinformation machinery was able to flip the image of Pius XII from lily white to coal black — just as it flipped the image of Ceausescu in reverse.”

Pacepa further revealed how the framing of the ardently anti-communist Pope actually began in 1945. Concerned only for his own image, and fresh from victory after World War II, Stalin had one more enemy he wanted to defeat: the Ukrainian Catholic Church — the last Vatican enclave in the Soviet Union.

According to Pacepa, after persecuting the Church there, he set about trying to portray Pius XII as a Nazi collaborator, proclaiming on Radio Moscow in 1945 that Pius XII had been “Hitler’s Pope.”

But the campaign fell flat as those who knew Pius XII knew he could never have been a Nazi sympathizer. At the time, his wartime efforts to protect religious minorities were being roundly praised by such prominent world figures as President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill (who described Pius as “the greatest man of our time”), and Albert Einstein.

“They knew who Pope Pius XII really was,” Pacepa said. “[So] the Kremlin tried again in the 1960s, with the next generation, which had not lived through that history and did not know better. This time it worked.”

Central to that framing effort — codenamed Operation Seat 12 — was the 1963 theatrical play, “The Deputy,” written by the communist German playwright, Rolf Hochhuth.

Pacepa and Rychlak explain in the book that it had the KGB’s “hands all over it” and proceed to present evidence of deep Communist and Kremlin involvement in its promotion.

In his interview, Pacepa lamented that such disinformation methods continue to be used by Russia today, not least in its efforts to manipulate religions in order to consolidate its power.

Planned Parenthood wants our children to be sexually loose!

Here is the text of a letter to the editor I sent to our local newspaper:

Planned Parenthood Hudson Valley has posted a video on its Facebook page that shows several very young ladies – teens to early twenties – singing a parody of the song “Call Me Maybe” that begins with the following lyrics: “Met a guy at the mall, head over heels I did fall. I need to buy birth control, but now you’re in my way…I’ve never met you and this is shady. It’s my {female organ}, so hands off, crazy.” At first I thought it was a joke! But then I realized they were very serious about this message to young girls. So what they’re advocating is this: a young girl meets a guy at the mall and right away needs birth control so she can have sex with him. They used to have a name for girls like that! I ask every parent reading this to ask yourself this question: if your daughter were to tell you she was going to the mall, would you hand her a condom and say “Here! This is for you in case you meet a young man and want to have sex with him!”? Absurd! Planned Parenthood is now publicly advocating loose sexual morals among our young people. If this is what you as a parent want for your daughter, then Planned Parenthood is the group for you! But if have any desire for your children to learn responsible sexual behavior and to respect themselves, stay away from Planned Parenthood! Planned Parenthood has lost touch with today’s parents and is now encouraging harmful lifestyles to our young people. They don’t belong in our schools, and they don’t deserve to receive any public funds to advocate sexually irresponsible behavior to our young people.

If you care to view the video, here’s the link. But I warn you beforehand, it’s ridiculous and offensive! http://www.facebook.com/PlannedParenthoodHudsonPeconic. Click the video “hands Off, Crazy”

God would never forgive me THAT!

I frequently have people mention to me that they could never bring something into confession because they don’t think God will ever forgive them for what they did. Well, there are two things I usually say about this:

Suppose Adolf Hitler, right after he shot himself, had a moment of regret and asked God to forgive him. Do you think God would forgive him? They always respond, “of course!” (There would still be penance and Purgatory necessary, but God would forgive him.) If Satan himself should ever turn to God and say, “Father, I’m sorry for rebelling against you, and I’m sorry for harming your creation all these years! Please forgive me!” Would God forgive him? Again the answer is always, “of course!” So, I tell them, if God could forgive Adolf Hitler or Satan – with all the evil they did – do you think He will forgive you your sin, no matter how serious it is?” They immediately see the logic and say, “of course!” Remember that God is trying to get us into Heaven, not to keep us out!

Another help: When the Lord Jesus was revealing the Divine Mercy to St. Faustina, the priest who was her confessor was having difficulty figuring out whether the apparitions she reported were real or fantasy, so as proof, he asked Faustina to ask Jesus to reveal to her what the priest’s last mortal sin was. When she asked Jesus “What was Father’s last mortal sin?” Jesus responded, “I don’t remember!” Jesus did not die on the cross to hold us forever accountable for our sins but rather to take them away and forget about them! So don’t be afraid to bring your sins to Jesus for forgiveness, no matter how serious they may be. He WILL forgive you!

“Okay,” they may add, “but what if I keep committing the same sin over and over?” Well, one thing a priest is never allowed to ask you is “Will you promise me you will never commit that sin again?” He can’t ask that because you can’t promise that. All you can promise is that you’ll try, even if in the back of your mind you know you may fall again. Of course, if we have no intention of trying to avoid sin then we are not forgiven, but why would you bring it up in confession in the first place if you’re not sorry and are not even going to attempt to change?

“But does God ever get tired of forgiving us? Does He ever say we’ve exhausted our supply of forgiveness/ Will He ever say, ‘Hey! you’ve confessed this over and over and nothing changes! It’s time to bite the bullet and stop?'”

We might think He should – but He doesn’t! I find sometimes when I go to confession that the priest should say that to me, but he never does. God always forgives me, over and over and over, even if I don’t think He should. God has patience with me when I’ve lost patience with myself. That only tells me that God loves me even more than I love myself!

I came across an excellent video by Matt Fradd, a Catholic apologist, on this topic. It speaks of forgiveness, in this case for the repeated problem of viewing pornography. It is well worth viewing. Here is the link: http://mattfradd.com/2012/08/23/ive-confessed-this-1000-times/#respond

“Why Doesn’t the Pope Just Excommunicate All Those @#*&/!?+%’s!!!

From time to time I’ll read a letter to the editor or a column in a newspaper from someone accusing the Church of being wimpy, especially when it comes to dissent from Catholics on church teachings. They usually feel that the Pope should just excommunicate everyone who doesn’t tow the line. Well, yes, dissent is indeed a problem. I’m not merely talking about difference of opinion or people who don’t fully understand the church’s teaching on a particular matter; I’m referring to true dissent, where people know what we beleive and should be able to give full consent but instead dissent. So why doesn’t the Pope just excommunicate them all? Maybe today’s feast will help!

Today we celebrate the feast of two Roman martyrs, St. Pontian, pope, and St. Hippolytus, priest. Both were active in the early 3rd century. Hippolytus was frequently critical of the popes. He thought the popes were too soft on heretics and should excommunicate them all. Only a church of rigorously committed Christians was good enough for Christ and would survive, so anyone who was lukewarm should be spewed out of the Church’s mouth. While Hippolytus’ desire for faithful service to Christ is commendable, he seems to me to have made the mistake of holding up the goal as the starting line. Somehow he seems to have expected everyone to be automatic saints, rather than realizing that saithood is the goal we strive for. As a result, he became “holier than the Church” and a self-appointed defender of the truth, even against several popes! When Pope Zephyrinus refused to make a definitive statement condemning a heresy (because the Pope did not yet feel it was sufficiently understood to warrant condemnation), Hippolytus gravely censured him, representing him as an incompetent man, unworthy to rule the Church of Rome and as a tool in the hands of the ambitious and intriguing deacon Callistus. Consequently when Callistus was elected pope on the death of Zephyrinus, Hippolytus immediately left the communion of the Roman Church and had himself elected antipope by his small band of followers. These he called the Catholic Church and himself successor to the Apostles, terming the great majority of Roman Christians the “School of Callistus.” He accuses Callistus of having through avarice degraded ecclesiastical, and especially the penitential, discipline to a disgraceful laxity. Hippolytus continued in opposition as antipope throughout the reigns of the two immediate successors of Callistus: Urban  and Pontian. During the persecution by the Emperor Maximinus, Pontian and Hippolytus were sent into exile in the salt mines of Sardinia. While there, Pontian was able to work his charm on Hippolytus and help him see the errors of his excessive rigorism. Hippolytus made a full confession, renounced his claim to be the pope, was completely reconciled with the church, and died a martyr.

Did you notice that Hippolytus, in his desire to try to get everyone else excommunicated, actually was in the very position he berated? I’m sure there were many people wondering why the Pope didn’t excommunicate Hippolytus! Pope Pontian had a better idea: reconciliation. He remembered that, as shepherd of the flock, his first duty is to try and bring back those who stray and correct their errors so as to bring them back into the loving embrace of Christ, not to kick everyone out who disagrees. Sometimes an excommunication is necessary, either to help the person see the error of his ways and bring him back – the primary desire of using this censure, as a medicinal device – or in extreme cases, like when one has a gangrenous toe, to cut it off so as to protect the health of the rest of the body.

We can all disagree about when something has gotten so bad that the Pope has no choice but to excommunicate someone, but that needs to be a last resort and not an immediate reaction. Our desire is to call every soul to salvation. No one is outside the call to reconciliation with Christ. If we must resort to excommunicating someone to bring him back to his good senses and back into the fold, so be it, but we should only use excommunication as a final solution when it is absolutely necessary for the health of the rest of the body and we have no choice otherwise.

What Should a Parent Say To a Son Who Tells Them He’s Gay?

I have been engaged in a debate on another blog with a young man who asserts that any parent whose son tells them he’s gay, if the parent loves him, must show him the empathy that is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus and support him in living a gay lifestyle. Obviously I disagree. But the question still remains: what should a parent say to a son who tells them he is gay? Here is my answer to the question:

“Empathy” is not at the core of Jesus’ teachings; love of God is. What did Jesus say was the greatest commandment? “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” Therefore, loving obedience to God is the first rule of Christian life. If I were a parent and this were my son who just told me he was gay, I wouldn’t love him any less! He is still my son and I would still die for him. But at the same time, any parent who loves his child can never counsel the child that in his situation it’s okay to disobey God. The loving thing for a Christian parent to do is to promise to help his son in any way possible to carry the cross that has been laid on his shoulders and be faithful to what God has clearly taught. Let’s imagine it this way: suppose the son was not gay but instead was a homely young man that no woman has ever found good enough to love. He knows his appearance is so horrible that the chances of anyone loving him for whom he is are slim. The son did nothing to cause or deserve his homeliness, but there it is nonetheless. Does his father, in an attempt to show empathy, tell him that there really is nothing homely about his appearance, that he’s just as good looking as the most attractive of Hollywood heartthrobs, and that therefore he should go out and demand everyone admit that he’s good looking? Of course not. Or does he say, “well, since no girl will have you and you have the right to sex, go find a prostitute- here’s the money!” Absurd! No, if he truly loves him, he tells him the truth and helps him deal with it. Perhaps he might tell him not to despair, that there may yet come a girl who will love him for the person he is, but he doesn’t give him a false hope by telling him she will eventually show up. Instead, he would prepare him for the life outside of marriage that he will end up living and show him how happiness can be found there just as much as in marriage. We as a society are so caught up in the concept that sex is the key to happiness and that everyone needs good sex to be happy and has a right to it. That does a tremendous disservice to scores of people, including those who are perfectly straight but simply have no desire to marry or never met the right person. Marriage does not possess the monopoly on happiness. I am celibate and chaste and am enormously happy with my life. Ultimately, we can never find true happiness until we are living a life that reflects the image and likeness of God, in whom we are created. If my son were gay, I would counsel him not to continue to try to convince God and the Church that they have erred in saying that homosexual activity is sinful (which is never going to happen and is a lie), for that would only set him up for a lifetime of struggle against God in a battle he will never win. Instead, I would tell him to prayerfully ask God how He wishes him to serve Him and how to use his condition to do His will. Only that would bring my son happiness.