Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Cycle B

With the advent of modern social media, some friends and parishioners have from time to time suggested that I record and upload my homilies onto my blog. I have been hesitant to do so because it seemed egotistical for me to think that people would want to listen to them, but they reminded me that other priests have done so, that it is part of using the modern technology to reach people, and they told me they thought my homilies were good enough to post. So, taking their advice, I’ve decided that I will occasionally record and post my homily on my blog for anyone who wishes to listen to it. Here is today’s:

Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Cycle B





How ironic!

This is probably the shortest post I will ever make on my blog, but isn’t it ironic that National Marijuana Day is celebrated on April 20th, Adolf Hitler’s birthday?

From the Yakima Herald: “You didn’t want to risk tipping off some square to your illegal activity, so you’d mention 420 and gauge their reaction. Now April 20 (4/20) is practically a national holiday, the subject of coverage in Time magazine and on network news and in newspapers all over the country every spring. Marijuana stores and businesses and advocacy groups have used the number in their names, including a Facebook group called Yakima’s 420 Club and the store Station 420 in Union Gap.”

Lunacy is alive and well!

Adolf Hitler · Born Apr 20, 1889


Adolf Hitler

My Easter Homily

A few parishioners asked me if I would post my Easter homily on my website. Since we had recorded the Easter Vigil to give to our catechumen who was baptized, I have a video of it. If you wish to see my Easter homily you may click the link here: Easter Homily 2018