Who knew????

I received this email from one of my parishioners today that was too hysterical and wonderful not to share. The scene was our parish’s sixth session of ChristLife last night. I always come in at the end to greet everyone. As I entered, someone cheered my presence and I “dabbed”. (If you don’t know what that is, ask a teenager!) The writer is Kevin Magee, one of the leaders of ChristLife and a stand-up comedian:


It has come to my attention that Father Carrozza has been dabbing! When he walked in last night I thought I saw him dab, but I ignored it the way you pretend to not see people stumble when they are walking on the sidewalk, except my intention to push this from my memory was immediately brought to reality when Lisa at my table asked me, “Did Father just dab?”  I turned to her shaking my head to say “yes, I am sorry that I have to confirm this!”

       This morning I noticed there was a new student as indicated on our census.  When I went to rounds with the doctors and unit staff, it was brought to my attention that this student, who has a number of issues, is being bullied at his school. The same crowd that is bullying this student is the same one that he is trying to break free from.  I will call this student “Phil.”
        So in class, one of my students, whom I will call “Jeff” is always dabbing.  He has been doing this for a few weeks now.  So I mentioned to Jeff that my parish priest dabbed last night. Jeff thought it was great.  Phil also chimed in asking me if that was a Catholic Church.  I affirmed that it was and so he mentioned that he wanted to convert from Protestantism to Catholicism.  I was stunned, as the student then asked me how I could go about doing it.  I redirected him that I could help but at a different and more appropriate time.  (You can get in trouble with things like this). I am very careful not to be Bible thumping my way through a hospital.
      So there it is, Freddy teaches Father Carrozza to dab and now I have students that want to be Catholic.  Who knew?!?!?
LET’s dab for Christ and bring people home!