Is there any hope for the world?

Someone recently asked me a question that I found to be quite profound: “Father, do you think there is any hope for the world?” (This question actually came from a young man who came with his fiancée to make arrangements for their marriage.) I was floored by such a deep question at a wedding interview. I told him, “Well, any hope we have can only be found in Christ. It won’t come from Washington!” In the midst of a presidential election year, we will continue to hear many promises from all the candidates for President until Election Day. We will listen, and we will ultimately Earth-clip-art-8each vote for the person we feel offers the most hope for America. But you know what will happen? No one we elect will deliver 100% of what he or she promises. We know all too well that much of the time candidates say what they know we want to hear in order to get our vote. At other times they promise things that they firmly believe they will be able to provide, yet once they get into office and face the reality of the situation, they realize they can’t fulfill the promise, and sometimes they even espouse the very opposite position to what they promised. Rarely do they actually make good on their promises. I don’t mean this as a blanket condemnation of all politicians but as an observation of fact: it is very hard for even the most honest politicians to keep the promises they make. That is because we are all fallen individuals and do not have all knowledge of reality. Only one person does – Jesus – and yet too often we listen to everyone but Jesus. For some reason that we’re hard pressed to explain, we dismiss the Gospel of Jesus as too “pie-in-the-sky” and unrealistic but we listen with devotion to politicians. We tend to see the Gospel as something that would be nice in a perfect world but which is not practical here and now. Dismissing the Gospel because the world is not perfect is like being lost and having a GPS but not using it because you’re lost! Does that make any sense? The Gospel is precisely the way to make the world the place we long for it to be. So why don’t we listen to Jesus. There is a plethora of reasons people will offer, but underneath them all is one common denominator: we are not in love with Jesus. We don’t trust him because we don’t really know him. We believe in him, but without falling in love with him, we don’t make him the foundation of our lives. I am convinced that we will only know true peace when we come to love Jesus with all our hearts and make him the center of our life. We cannot make the world love Jesus overnight, but we can learn to love him ourselves and change our own lives to have the meaning and purpose for which we always yearn.

Here at St. Ann’s we are introducing a new program entitled “Christlife.” it is a seven-week retreat series that will take place on Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM -9:30 PM in Fr. discovering-christAnthony Hall. Our first session entitled “Discovering Christ” will talk about precisely these things. We will not dwell on specific beliefs nor enter into catechetics or any hard sell of Jesus. Instead, we will talk about what life is all about and why we need a Savior, specifically Jesus. You will be fed a great meal and then we will have discussion about life and the role Jesus should play in it. Our team has people of every age from 15 through elderly adults, both male and female. If you live near Yonkers, come to Christlife! It may change your life! If you don’t live in our area, look for Christlife where you live. Catholic parishes are offering it all over the country. Make a commitment that will pay off for the rest of your life and into eternity! Come to know Jesus, and you will come to know yourself!

I’ve had it!!! This means WAR!!!!

I’ve decided it’s time to wage war! Against whom, you ask? Against those inconsiderate people who chew very potent smelly gum in close spaces.

Have you ever been stuck next to someone on a plane who is chewing one of those horribly overly-scented mint gums that makes you want to puke? That happened to me recently. On top of this, she kept snapping it and exposing it on her tongue for everyone to see. Yesterday I was in a restaurant and the person at the next table was chewing a foul-smelling gum that clashed with the beautiful aroma of my dinner. Imagine! It was so powerful that I could smell it at the next table!! (I can only imagine what it did to her food!!!) You come across such obnoxious smells in elevators, subways, in doctor’s offices, in fact, it seems everywhere. I have no desire to become the gum-gestapo, but if I end up getting sick and spewing my breakfast all over them, I’m going to tell them it’s their own fault! I hope they like the smell of my breakfast a few hours later!

I know people have a right to chew gum, but I wish they’d be a little more considerate of those around them who may not appreciate being hit by a hurricane of stinky gum odor.



I’ve also never understood how women especially find snapping gum and swirling it on their exposed tongue to be glamorous. I don’t think I’ve never heard a man declare he was so turned on by the smell of a woman’s gum, or by the way she could snap it at such a high frequency pitch or manipulate it with her tongue. Reality check ladies! Chewing gum is NOT glamorous!!!

Please chew responsibly!