Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for profit.

fetusOver the years I have argued with countless individuals who have defended Planned Parenthood as an organization not out to encourage or profit from abortions but simply to help women in crisis pregnancies. They asserted emphatically that my accusations of Planned Parenthood being in the abortion for profit business were unfounded. Well, what I have always known to be true has now been made known publicly: Planned Parenthood does indeed perform the illegal “Partial-birth” abortion and sells fetal body parts. An undercover video has exposed their secret. Please view the video at this link. It should change your mind about Planned Parenthood and help you see what they are really about.

Watch the video here

Planned Parenthood wants our children to be sexually loose!

Here is the text of a letter to the editor I sent to our local newspaper:

Planned Parenthood Hudson Valley has posted a video on its Facebook page that shows several very young ladies – teens to early twenties – singing a parody of the song “Call Me Maybe” that begins with the following lyrics: “Met a guy at the mall, head over heels I did fall. I need to buy birth control, but now you’re in my way…I’ve never met you and this is shady. It’s my {female organ}, so hands off, crazy.” At first I thought it was a joke! But then I realized they were very serious about this message to young girls. So what they’re advocating is this: a young girl meets a guy at the mall and right away needs birth control so she can have sex with him. They used to have a name for girls like that! I ask every parent reading this to ask yourself this question: if your daughter were to tell you she was going to the mall, would you hand her a condom and say “Here! This is for you in case you meet a young man and want to have sex with him!”? Absurd! Planned Parenthood is now publicly advocating loose sexual morals among our young people. If this is what you as a parent want for your daughter, then Planned Parenthood is the group for you! But if have any desire for your children to learn responsible sexual behavior and to respect themselves, stay away from Planned Parenthood! Planned Parenthood has lost touch with today’s parents and is now encouraging harmful lifestyles to our young people. They don’t belong in our schools, and they don’t deserve to receive any public funds to advocate sexually irresponsible behavior to our young people.

If you care to view the video, here’s the link. But I warn you beforehand, it’s ridiculous and offensive! Click the video “hands Off, Crazy”