Christmas at St. Ann’s


Christmas may be ending tomorrow, but here’s a video presentation of St. Ann’s Church at Christmas 2015. I am grateful for the help of Eric Czerniowski of Premier Landscaping, the 8th graders, and the student workers at St. Ann’s for their assistance in making our display so prayerful and attractive.

Click here to view the video


3 thoughts on “Christmas at St. Ann’s

  1. The picture to the right is Cardinal Dolan. The priest to the left is myself. (It is traditional in parishes to have a picture of the Pope, the bishop, and the pastor in the office.) On the wall not in the picture are three deceased pastors: Msgr. Ferme (the founding pastor), Fr. DiFalco, and Fr. Anthony Napolitano.

  2. Billy says:

    Oops! Too fast! The PoPe! Not Poe! LOL

  3. Billy says:

    Hi Fr. Carrozza, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of a beautiful parish! Much appreciated! I can identify the picture of the Poe in the lobby, but not the priest in the other picture. The founding pastor?

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