I’ve had it!!! This means WAR!!!!

I’ve decided it’s time to wage war! Against whom, you ask? Against those inconsiderate people who chew very potent smelly gum in close spaces.

Have you ever been stuck next to someone on a plane who is chewing one of those horribly overly-scented mint gums that makes you want to puke? That happened to me recently. On top of this, she kept snapping it and exposing it on her tongue for everyone to see. Yesterday I was in a restaurant and the person at the next table was chewing a foul-smelling gum that clashed with the beautiful aroma of my dinner. Imagine! It was so powerful that I could smell it at the next table!! (I can only imagine what it did to her food!!!) You come across such obnoxious smells in elevators, subways, in doctor’s offices, in fact, it seems everywhere. I have no desire to become the gum-gestapo, but if I end up getting sick and spewing my breakfast all over them, I’m going to tell them it’s their own fault! I hope they like the smell of my breakfast a few hours later!

I know people have a right to chew gum, but I wish they’d be a little more considerate of those around them who may not appreciate being hit by a hurricane of stinky gum odor.



I’ve also never understood how women especially find snapping gum and swirling it on their exposed tongue to be glamorous. I don’t think I’ve never heard a man declare he was so turned on by the smell of a woman’s gum, or by the way she could snap it at such a high frequency pitch or manipulate it with her tongue. Reality check ladies! Chewing gum is NOT glamorous!!!

Please chew responsibly!