7 thoughts on “How about some airplane humor???

  1. Pammy: Why is it not fair? Do you realize every post you have put on my blog is angry?

  2. Pammy says:

    Some things are no joke. I was a flight stewardness as a young lady, and I always felt the pre-takeoff instructions might one day save a life. Thankfully I “flew the friendly skies” for almost a decade without incident, but those instructions are not to be the material of bad standup.

    Btw, the story of how I came to leave that job is very sad and telling about the industry. I would be glad to relate it if anyone here is interested in it but, I must warn you, it contains some nsfw material.


  3. Luke Romanowski says:

    Thatbwas funny. Reminded me of an attendant on a flight out west years ago.

  4. Jean Blair says:

    Funny. Good way to get attention.

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