My Easter Homily

A few parishioners asked me if I would post my Easter homily on my website. Since we had recorded the Easter Vigil to give to our catechumen who was baptized, I have a video of it. If you wish to see my Easter homily you may click the link here: Easter Homily 2018

7 thoughts on “My Easter Homily

  1. Rosemary Brennan says:

    Just listen to your Easter Vigil Homily. So Powerful I related to it in parts.You have to stay strong in your faith in God because he will always be there with you no matter what .I believe that .

  2. Lauren says:

    Hi Fr Carrozza,
    Thank you for posting this! You expanded my understanding in some areas including the example of your niece and how her mom got down on the floor to help her clean op the mess. God came down to earth to help us through Jesus….so that our mess could be cleaned! I also can relate to a mother’s (parent’s) love for their child. It is the worst pain to see one of your children suffer!! I never thought of the devil using that as revenge against God….I will be much more mindful of that now…not giving the devil his satisfaction to make us suffer so as to hurt God! And of course, sometimes we need it spelled out for us…..the enormous and amazing gift of Easter!!! Thank you!! Your homily made me think of a question. During Len, I dusted off my rosary beads. In the Apostles Creed, it says that Jesus descended into Hell. It feel a little awkward to me to say this. On Sunday in the profession of faith, we say he ascended into heaven with no mention of descending into hell. Why would Jesus descend into hell before ascending into Heaven? And why does the Apostles Creed include this and the profession of faith not?
    Many blessings…..and I hope you’ve recovered from the exhaustion after Holy Week!!

    • Thank you for your kind words. When we say Jesus descended into hell it was to rescue all the righteous people who were condemned by Adam’s sin. Remember that I said Satan invited in to his dungeon the one person who had the key to free everyone held captive there? That’s what we mean! 🙏

  3. Jean Blair says:

    I hope you posted it on Facebook.

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