2 thoughts on “He Must Increase and I Must Decrease

  1. Thanks Liz! I really do have a friend in the Vatican diplomatic corp. Only the story is fictional!

  2. Liz says:

    Hi Father, I have to say I was eagerly awaiting the end of your opening story, not knowing what was going to happen. I should have known it was a joke, but the setting was SO perfect, and you did say it happened to your friend…anyhow it made me laugh out loud.
    Thank you for the reminder about not being qualified to throw the first stone. I have a hard time not being judgemental, I have a sister like your dear aunts and sometimes (most times) I find it so hard to be kind and patient. I try to see it objectively, not with my ❤, which makes it easier to focus on what is really going on.
    I will keep striving to decrease and let Him increase.
    Sounds like a path to grace.
    Praying for you Father Carrozza

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