Making sense of the clergy sexual abuse scandal

The abuse of children and minors by priests is horrible and upsetting. How do we deal with it and make sense of what happened? Are the media reports giving accurate coverage or is there a bias going on?

2 thoughts on “Making sense of the clergy sexual abuse scandal

  1. Thmas M Magee Jr. says:

    Father you stated 50% of children who are abused is perpetrated by their fathers. This is not true. Your statement is flawed and I hope you will look at those stats again. This is a topic I am very informed about particularly as a divorced father of 4 children and an advocate of fathers rights in this bias judical system. BOTH OF THESE MATTERS ARE SIMILIAR BUT NOT THE SAME. ? Simple two institutions of the Patriarch under attack not to excude the US Constitution and Western Ideology.

    • Thank you Tom! That number is the usual statistic given. Do you have different evidence? I’d love to see it and will set the record straight if the fact I used was flawed. Once again, that would be a case of misrepresentation of facts by the media!

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