8 thoughts on “Keep Christ in Christmas

  1. Thank you Sofia! ABBA was a pop music group from Sweden in the ’70s and I’m a big fan of theirs. So anyone who was insulting ABBA was getting personal! They were even attacking my musical taste. Anyway, your support is truly a gift to me. I’m so glad I listened to the suggestion of a few parishioners and began recording and posting my homilies, as I now know it’s not a waste of my time! God bless you, and Happy Advent!

    Fr. Carrozza

  2. Sofia says:

    Hi Fr. C, my husband and I are originally from St. Ann’s and love to have this digital connection to the parish each week. Keep ’em coming, please! We often wonder, Father, how a man so young has so much knowledge and wisdom. Is that a heavy burden for you?

    • Thank you so much Sofia, for your kind words! I’m honored that you keep your connection to St. Ann’s going. I’m pleased to know you like my homily posts as well!

      As for my age and wisdom, it may be due to one of two things:
      One: I have always tried to learn as much as I can from my own experience, good or bad, as well as the experience of others.
      Two: I’m older than you think I am? 🙂

      I wouldn’t call it a burden at all. I rejoice in preaching the Lord, and while I certainly have my share of hecklers and critics (which tells me I’m doing a good job – Jesus said to beware when all speak well of you), in honesty, the frustrating part is not the critics but trying your best to give good preaching and liturgy and having some of the faithful complain that it’s too long and they just want to get Mass over with quickly. Someone once commented to me that we are at Mass preparing to spend eternity with Jesus, yet sometimes we only seem to want to get away from Him as quickly as possible! That’s the most frustrating part of being a priest – helping people to grow in holiness who think they are already perfectly holy.

      Thanks again for your support. Have a nice holid… no, have a Merry Christmas!

      Fr. Carrozza

      • Sofia says:

        Father, thanks for the “speedy reply.”
        I know there are critics, Father! If some want to break off and call themselves “St.-Ann’s-in-exile,” so be it! If certain pastors want to welcome and support these folks simply becuase it adds many people to their congregation, so be it! If people say “I don’t like Father so-and-so because he thinks he knows everything and I don’t even like Abba,” well, then so be it! You have to do and say right thing, even if so, so many people hate you for it. So be that, too! Amen and amen!
        We love the digital homilies, please do not ever stop!

      • Thanks again Sofia. But who doesn’t like ABBA??????

      • Sofia says:

        Hi there agian, Father. I’m an old woman, I have no idea what Abba is! I was only quoting someone!
        But seriously, Father C., you have obviously acquired more knowledge and wisdom than most your age. Even my husband Mario says so!
        We look forward to every Monday so we can listen to our little piece of St. Ann’s again. We have such happy, happy memories of our old parish!

  3. Thanks so much Rosemarie!

  4. Rosemarie Romanelli says:

    Fr. Carrozza, your homily was right on the money. Thank you. We are so blessed to,have you with OSDIA.

    God bless, Rosemarie Romanelli

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