5 thoughts on “How Holy Is YOUR Family???

  1. Thank you for telling me. If he continues I will report him. Either he is scamming you – he has no transcriptions of my homilies and is only trying to rip you off – or if he has transcribed my homilies and is selling them he owes me remuneration. He may pass them on for free at will, but not for a fee. That is illegal. I would need to agree and of course receive proper remuneration.

    If you feel enough people would like a book of my homilies, let me know. I’d be happy to consider publishing them. I also have poems that I write every Christmas that some people have told me I should publish.

  2. Joy says:

    Greetings Father, I am interested in purchasing a volume of your sermons. Are they available at the Church?

    • Thank you Joy! Actually, I don’t have them in book form. This is the only way I make them public: by recording them as I deliver them and posting them.

      A blessed New Year to you!

    • Hello Joy! Someone with the address of frankcaprio@ aol.com contacted you telling you he has been transcribing my sermons and will sell them to you. If he is for real and you are an innocent person looking for my homilies, do NOT contact him. He has no permission from me to do so and I have lawyers who will instantly look into litigation against him should this be happening. If you are part of a scam, cease and desist now or I WILL take legal action.

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