5 thoughts on “The Play-Doh Jesus?

  1. Rosetta says:

    Fr. Carrozza, whence the anger? I am the least angry person you’d meet. In fact, for me it is ALL about love. I do worry that the People of God in St. Ann’s are being sold a version of Christianity that is a bit harsh and not loving. All this talk about “Marshmallow theology” and “play-doh Jesus” is not “where it’s at” Father. It is dismissive and immature. I strongly recommend “The Beatles Bible” to anyone interested in love. Also, I notice in the collection of your sermons that I bought in the index there are very few references to “love”.

    • Well, there will be references to love in next Sunday’s homily, as the Gospel passage is Jesus’ saying “love one another as I have loved you.” I will have a LOT to say about what love truly is. But to give you a hint: true love is not merely saying niceties to people. Jesus loves us enough not to leave us in our mediocre sinful state but to challenge us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. Like anyone trying to learn a sport or a musical instrument, that takes great discipline and much blood, sweat, and toil. Jesus’ greatest act of love for us was when He died on the cross to forgive us our sins, and He tells us to do the same. That’s not pretty; sometimes love hurts. You have not in fact told me what you think love is. You’ve only quoted Beatles lyrics to me. Tell me exactly what you think it means to love someone as Jesus has loved us.

      As for the Beatles, what makes them experts on theology and following Jesus? Where did they go to seminary? What degrees in Sacred Theology, Christology, Ecclesiology, or any other course have they taken that qualifies them to talk about discipleship, and especially that qualifies them in your mind to be better qualified than Jesus’ Church? If you love the Beatles’ music, that’s fine. But don’t ascribe to them a qualification they don’t have. I love ABBA, but I turn to them for their music, not for theology.

    • Amanda C. says:

      I’m a member of St. Ann’s and don’t think I’m being sold a harsh version of Christianity at all. Just wanted to state that for the record. 🙂 We are often frequently reminded of God’s love. In fact, I vividly remember being told in our Christ Life program that “there is nothing you can do to make God love you less. NOTHING”. But thank you for your concern for us.

  2. Rosetta says:

    Fr., please be reasonable. Love is really where it’s at. The Beatles were right, I have a good book called “The Beatle Gospel” that traces their brilliant interpretation of the Bible. “Love is all you need” is the very FIRST chapter!

    • It’s amazing! You still persist in trying to justify a position that is contrary to the Gospel. Why are you being so stubborn and refuse to follow Jesus alone? Why do you find the need to mix Jesus with the Beatles?

      Through all of this, you have never mentioned what the specific hot topic issue is that is troubling you. I have sensed so much anger in some of your responses. If it is true, as you say, that what you have found has never made you happier, why is there still so much pain there? You should have total peace. Why also do you worry so much about what I say? If you thought I was crazy and wrong you would simply ignore me. But you listen to everything I say, even if you feel the need to debate me. That indicates that, deep down, you know what I’m telling you is the truth, but embracing it will mean you have to let go of something and see things differently. I truly desire for you to have peace with Christ, as it is indeed a peace which the world cannot give. Let’s discuss the issue. Perhaps I can help you find the peace you are so longing to find. I hold no hostility against you or anyone in the “St. Ann’s in Exile” group. I only want to help you find true peace by embracing the fullness of Christ’s call to holiness. Let’s talk. Maybe I can be of help to all of you.

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