2 thoughts on “Peace Through Certitude

  1. Hans says:

    Hitler had certitude, did he also have peace?

    • Hello Hans, and thank you for your question. No, he did not. He thought he did, but certitude can only be found through God. The presumption of my argument was that we were trying to discern certitude of God’s will. Of course, there are many people that believe they know God’s will and will try to convince people of their beliefs, but I maintain that only someone who can claim a direct authority from Christ to speak in His name can in fact have that certitude, and the only in history who can make that claim is the Successor to St. Peter, the Bishop of Rome, when Jesus said to Peter: “…and to you I shall give the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. What you let loose on earth shall be let loose in heaven, and what you hold bound on earth shall be held bound in heaven.” (Matthew 16:19) God’s peace be with you!

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