How to be a Christian Witness in Today’s World

This is a talk I gave on June 7th for St. Ann ‘s Men’s Prayer Group. It includes a lively Q&A session on a variety of topics. You may have to increase the volume to hear some of the questions as the men speaking were not near the microphone.

4 thoughts on “How to be a Christian Witness in Today’s World

  1. Al says:

    Brilliant, as always.
    Question: the Christians were persecuted because they would not worship pagan gods and for insisting that there was only one God. Why weren’t the Jews persecuted? They believed the same thing, no?

    • Excellent observation! Even though they were largely unliked, the Jews were given en exemption because their faith was ancient. The Christians were accused of “novelty.” What the Christians tried to argue in their defense was that the God they worshipped was the same God of Israel and that they too should be given that respect. They were unsuccessful in convincing the pagans that Jesus is the same as the God of Israel.

  2. I never liked him in the first place, and now he’s following every other Democrat who realizes they won’t get a nomination without being pro-abortion. Typical flip-flop.

  3. Jean Blair says:

    How do you feel about Biden? He was bought by Planned Parenthood.

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