4 thoughts on “Is God Trying To Get You?

  1. Lisa Solimine says:

    Are you on facebook at all. I love your preaching so much u give me comfort

  2. Rosalie says:

    Greetings Fr. Carrozza! My husband is a HUGE ABBA fanand his birthday is next week. To be honest, no one in our family knows much about ABBA, except that Frank loves them. But I know you are an ABBA fan/savant and so I am seeking your advice. It is well known that Cher is currently releasing ABBA covers on several albums. The big question of the day I have for you is this: what do you make of the Cher covers? Shpould ee get Frank these albums for his upoming b-day (the big 6-2). Thanks for your guidance and bleeings on you always!

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