9 thoughts on ““Come, Lord Jesus!”, not “Go Away, Lord Jesus!”

  1. Joan Marie says:

    Oh, Father, please pray for me and for Frank. He got so angry over this that it bacame Xmas-this and Xmas-that, I could not take it any more and I told him to shut up, it’s just a homily I said. He said his carpal tunnell was flaring and he started to drink heavily at about 4pm yesterday, he left around 9 and haven’t heard from him since. All this over Xmas! Really doesn’t seem worth it to me. He’s gone off before, usually back in a few days. Please pray! Thanks.

  2. Joan Marie says:

    Please, Father, my name (as I believe you know) is Joan Marie not Marie. We need to be sensitive as to how people want to be called!
    Needless to say, Frank was infuriated by your reply, which he found insensitive to his carpal tunnell syndrome issue. He has now doubled down on his use of Xmas, which he will now use exclusively even in speech. He says he is well aware of the whole “nail though his hands deal” and finds the tone condescending.
    Father, we are long time parishioners who do not wish to go the way of so many others.

    • I’m sorry I got your name wrong Joan Marie. Please forgive me for that. As for Frank, in all Christian charity, at this point he is just being stubborn. I’d hate to see what Jesus will say to him when he stands before Him in judgment and says he stubbornly refused to use His name but used an X instead. If you’re talking about going the way of “so many others” meaning those who have left St. Ann’s because they don’t like that I teach the truth, well, I will not apologize to them and I will not apologize to you. There are many others who have come to St. Ann’s precisely because they say they finally hear the truth being taught from the pulpit. As I said, I was ordained to teach the truth, not to placate people. The truth is that Xmas is insulting to Our Lord. Perhaps I am not the one who has to “just deal with it” but Frank is. I know this will sound nasty and condescending, and I don’t mean it to be that way, but there’s nothing more I can say. I intend no offense to anyone, but I must defend My Lord when HIs Holy Name is being attacked, and, yes, Xmas is an attack on His Holy Name. I think you just need to stop defending Xmas and accept it for the insult that it is.

      • Catherine Goetz says:

        Joan Marie I would like to comment on this situation. I am very staunch in my belief that we need to keep Christ in Christmas. I too had and still have severe problems with my hands ( 3 operations and loss of muscle in both hands) I have learned to pace my time writing. Does it hurt sure but I’d rather let everyone know that Christ is more important than pain.
        I write some cards then rest and repeat. If we truly want to keep Christ in Christmas we will find a way. There are far too many that want to do away with our beliefs and practices. We should stand fast to protect the name of our Lord and Savior in every word written and spoken.
        May your Frank be blessed with less pain and find it in his heart to keep Christ in his Christmas cards, letters and speech.. God bless

      • Well said! Thanks so much Catherine!

  3. Joan Marie says:

    Just so you know, Father, Frank was livid at Mass over this homily. He said, “Why does he have to,do,this every single year?” I held him back. Why, Father? Every. Single. Year. Some people will always prefer Xmas, just let it be. Frank has carpal tunnel and it’s less painful put Xmas for Christmas, Father. Just let it be.

    • Thank you for letting me know, Marie, but as I’m sure you realize I have never preached merely what people want to hear nor have I avoided the truth because some people don’t agree with it. My duty is to defend the Lord Jesus and His Holy Name. Xmas is insulting to Christ. It was deliberately introduced by non-Christian members of the commercial crowd trying to cash in on Christmas without having to acknowledge Christ. If someone were to insult a politician we support with a derogatory term, we would never just let it be and claim that “some people just like to use that term.” The truth is that Xmas is an insult to the Lord, and I will not stop preaching against it until no one ever insults the Lord again. I am sorry to hear that Frank has carpal tunnel syndrome, but I ask you, why is the name of Christ the only thing that is hurtful for Frank to write? Jesus endured nails through His hands for Frank. Can’t he endure the pain in his hand graciously as a union with Christ in His suffering for him? Can’t he abbreviate something else instead and respect the name of His Lord and Savior? Please think about this. I mean no offense to you or anyone else, but I will never allow my Lord to be offended and say nothing and just “let it go”.

      I wish you peace and happiness in Christ.

      Most sincerely yours in Christ,

      Fr. Carrozza

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