3 thoughts on “Build a Strong Family

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Fr. Carrozza,
    You are in my prayers, too.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing your homilies, Father. Your message on families is so needed today. But, even with the best efforts and intentions, families can be torn apart. I took my young family to church and was involved in our parish, my kids were receiving sacraments, we had lots of fun family time, and I tried hard to have family meals as often as possible. You talk about the backbone of a strong family being the health of the marriage and the relationship of a husband and wife. Yes! How true. But sometimes the trauma is too much, the loss of a child that causes a wedge between a husband and wife, then a life changing accident that result in extensive legal/financial struggles and stress for the couple, a husband’s infidelity that destroys their marriage and results in verbal and emotional abuse increasing over time, and a husband coming out as same sex attraction and leaving put an end to all of the good things that had been put in place in the beginning. We stopped going to church. Family time is a struggle. I feel abandoned. So much of what happened seemed out of my control. There is a disbelief, “How did I end up here?”. The hope I had for my family at the beginning feels lost. How do you pick up the pieces of your family when things go this awry and then try to keep going? It’s hard not to feel discouraged because life is so messy and the ideal seems so far beyond reach. God Bless.

    • Hello Sarah. thank you for the compliment.

      I’m so sorry to hear about the trials you have been through. Sometimes our best efforts are not enough to fend off problems that divide a marriage and a family. But that is where Jesus comes in. Remember that there is no pain so great that he can’t help heal, no hurt in your heart that he can’t soothe. Do not forget his tremendous love for you. Bring your pain before him, tell him you love him, and ask him to heal you. Also, if you haven’t done so already, I would suggest finding a good counselor who can give you support and encouragement. You will be in my prayers.

      Fr. Carrozza

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