2 thoughts on “Be charitable – even to the uncharitable!

  1. I’m approving your comment just so that other people will see by your own words how uncharitable you are and your total lack of sincerity. I’m very happy you’re a part of “St. Ann’s in exile”, for if you approved of me I would fear I was doing something wrong. Jesus says, “blessed are you when they insult you…for my sake. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven will be great.” Thank you for your insults, for every one increases my reward in heaven.

  2. Luigi-Francesco DiNapoli says:

    I title this mess of a sermon, “Fr. Andy justifies his own voting for Trump and tries to encourage you do the same.” In the future, keep your nonsense to your FB page and out of the pulpit. St. Ann’s in exile, indeed!

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