2 thoughts on “Keep your eyes on the Big Picture!

  1. Margie R. says:

    Fr. Andrew Carrozza,

    I am Margie. I am not a member of your church, but my sister Carmela is. I just watched this to see what all the “talk” is about for myself. Can I tell you how hurt I am that you attacked people with celiac disease? This is a serious condition and we cannot have any gluten. If I was part of the uncounted women and children in Jesus’ time I could not have had the bread, only the fish. Gluten gives me explosive diarrhea, sometimes for multiple bowel movements. It also does damage over time to my intestines. I also suffer from IBS. You need to be more sensitive in your preaching. For us, no-gluten is not a want, but a need. I found this hurtful. Very hurtful.


    • Hello Margie. I’m sorry if my comment about gluten-free upset you. That was never my intention, and you surely can understand that I was making a point about how we can miss the big picture by concentrating on the small things. I know that Celiac’s disease is real and that people suffer from it. That’s why I keep low-gluten hosts on hand for those who need them. My point was that, just as there are tons of people these days who do not have Celiac’s disease but who somehow think that gluten will harm them and jump on the gluten-free bandwagon for no reason, there are people who, when it comes to faith, miss the big picture of the call to holiness because they are concentrating on what people tell them they should be concerned about and not what God wants to give us. Anyway, I hope this helps comfort you and reassures you that I was not trying to be insensitive toward those with Celiac’s disease. Be assured of my prayers for you! Fr. Carrozza

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