5 thoughts on “Keep your family holy!

  1. John Kezek says:

    19melissa70:, Not sure how you came to your conclusion!!, but Father Carrozza Homilies are spot on with the Gospel!, and Catholic church!!, My advise to you would be to listen to the Holy Spirit inside you!!, and to Father Carrozza!!, teaching of the Gospel!!, I will continue to pray for you!!, and any Group that goes against, the Gospel, Catholic Church!!, and most of all Father Carrozza!!, I have none him for 30 years plus!!, He is a HERO!!!, as all Priest are!! The most important title he carries is Father!!!, His Homilies are long but to the point!!, according to the Gospel!!, and Catholic Church teaching!!, I will Pray for you to see for yourself and not through others, or groups!!, That go against the Gospel!! , God Bless!!

  2. ToniAnn says:

    Melissa, You go girl. I encourage you to keep asking your questions and stand up to the patriarchy, speak truth to power, sister!

    As for you, Fr. C, Luigi and I have never been able to have children. Does that mean we are not a family?

    • John Kezek says:

      ToniAnn:, There is only truth, threw the Gospel!!, which is what Father Carrozza!! Teaches!!, to encourage some one else to question is good!!, but to encourage some one to follow anything else, but the Gospel!!, is very wrong!!, your very disrespectful to Father Carrozza!!!, and any group THAT calls St. Anns in Exil sounds like a cult!!, I pray for you and your group!!, that you find Father CARROZZA homilies are spot on with the teaching of our CATHOLIC CHURCH, AND THE GOSPEL!! God Bless!!

  3. Pretty strong words, Melissa, but that is the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage: Marriage is a lifelong commitment of love between one man and one woman only who are open to the gift of children from God if He so wills to give them to them, and they are to raise their children as Christ would have them do. (See St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.) If you disagree, you are at odds with the teachings of Christ through His Church, which is what I have been saying about the “St. Ann’s in Exile” group all along: they have their own version of the Gospel and it is not that of the Church. They’re mad at me because I espouse the true teachings of the Church. Their problem is not with me but with the Church itself, which they clearly demonstrate by their – and your – rejection of what I preach. It should be obvious by now that it is not I that have the problem but you guys. You want a Church that is not the one Jesus founded. I will continue to teach the truth that Christ reveals through His Church, and you’re wasting your breath trying to change my mind. I will never give in and preach what you want to hear; I will only preach the Truth of Christ. If you don’t like what you hear from me, look for a liberal parish that says what you want to hear rather than what the Church teaches. But I can assure you that those pastors are now an old and a dying breed. The priests that are younger than I who are coming along make me look liberal! Perhaps it’s time for you guys to stop arguing with me and accept the fact that you are the ones who are wrong and not I. May God bless you and help you see His truth, which He reveals through His Church.

  4. 19melissa70 says:

    How could any Catholic Priest say that a “Marriage License” has nothing to do with the love between the couple? That would indicate that the spouse is not a priority.
    If you think that a Marriage License is only for the purpose of “Family”, then you are essentially saying that it is issued solely for the purpose of legitimizing children born of a Marriage and bastardizing others.

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