4 thoughts on “The Eucharist: The Keystone of a stable world.

  1. Anna Marie says:

    Hi Fr. A! Anna Marie of St. Ann in exile here again. We do wish you well. And we wish ourselves well. We are tickled pink about Steve coming on board. He’s a charismatic with left leanings and a beard. We look forward to dialoguing with Steve in the near future to begin the great work of healing. We can also look forward to liberal homilies about love and more Glory and Praise music at Mass. This is a win / win for all of us, even you.

    • We must each know a different Fr. Steven Norton. He is a good friend of mine who would cringe at being called liberal. You’re in for a big surprise! The liberal priests you want are dying off. They’re now in their late 70s and 80s.

  2. Mario says:

    On behalf of the members of St. Ann in Exile, I wish you well. We pray for the good people of Hopewell Junction, for they can only imagine what they are up against. Please post the contact information of the new pastor, so we can begin a dialogue. It’s important that he knows the real history of our community, and not just the party line. We would look forward to returning from our long exile.

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