9 thoughts on “Divorce, no; Annulment, yes

  1. Hi Tina! relax! He is not shutting down St. Ann’s! Due to the lack of priests, the archdiocese is being forced to have parishes share a pastor all over the place, and Dunwoodie is one of them. Since Msgr. Maloney is retiring in January, they asked Fr. Norton if he would take St. Ann’s for now and then also St. John the Baptist when it becomes available. So no, he is not trying to shut St. Ann’s down; in fact, when I met with the bishop during my evaluation, they told me they were thrilled with all the good things we had done and were committed to keeping St. Ann’s thriving. Also, no priest has the authority to shut down a parish on his own; only the Cardinal could make that decision, and I know he would never do that.

    As for the animals, well, he just likes pets and chooses to have them. That’s his personal choice and has nothing to do with the parish. As for the rectory, he didn’t shut it down; he only eliminated the after school workers. I’m told he likes the rectory to be the priest’s home after 4 PM.

    As for the liberals who left, I was expecting that. They called themselves “St. Ann’s in Exile.” They were upset with me because I tow the line on the moral teachings of the Church, as well as a few other things. Personally, I think they’re stuck in the 60s and 70s and have not progressed with the Church since then. They were convinced that when I left, they would get a young liberal pastor who would give them what they want. They told me that “Steve” (they refuse to call a priest “Father” because they believe that is just a “power play by the patriarchy”), will give them all the liberal things they’re looking for. Don’t let their opinion of him become your own. Let Fr. Norton be what he is. I know you will like him. I do, however, suggest that you sit down with Fr. Norton and explain your concerns. I am no longer the pastor at St. Ann’s, and it would be wrong of me to step in in any way. But by all means speak with him and tell him how you feel. I’m sure he can set your soul at ease!

    • Tina Marie says:

      Yes, Father! That’s the group, I didn’t want to mention the name in case you didn’t know and it would upset you, they do not say nice things about you, but they love “Steve” as they call him (can’t believe you would have known that!). Your words are a balm for my troubled soul and I will think about getting in touch with the new pastor. I cannot say I have much hope, though. He is very self-focused and his homilies are liberal. But I do trust your judgement and know you would never lie. I definitely don’t think the rectory becomes the priest’s home at 4, that’s just selfish!

    • Tina Marie says:

      Father, just to keep you “in the loop,” I did stop by to speak to the new pastor but was told he was on vacation (again). I really am finding the new situation a challange to my faith and I believe God led me to your site so I could continue to reap the fruits of the last years we had with you!

    • Tina Marie says:

      Father Carrozza, should I not keep you in the loop? Just wondering.

      • Well, there’s nothing I can do about anything at St. Ann’s. It’s Fr. Norton’s parish now and I cannot get involved in any way. That’s neither wise nor desirable by me. But if something is troubling you and you want to ask my advice on how you should proceed I’d be happy to counsel you.

  2. Tina Marie says:

    Oh, Father Carrozza, what a joy to find this page and to hear your voice speaking the truth clearly and kindly once more! Joanne told me about this page, I never knew, dear Father!
    Please pray for all of us, your family, at St. Ann’s. Things are not so good here Father. We are really suffering to accept what the Lord has put here, but it is hard. VERY hard.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tina. But what is the suffering you are enduring at St. Ann’s? I know people are going around saying the parish is going to close, but I can assure you that is not true. When I met with the bishop for my review and the discussion of where I would go after St. Ann’s, he told me they were extremely pleased with all the great things happening at St. Ann’s and were committed to helping her thrive. Hang in there and support Fr. Norton. He is a good man.

      • Tina Marie says:

        Well, I am afraid that Rev. Norton is the problem. He’s a liberal, we’ve all figured that out. He is closing down the rectory and has moved in all manner of animals. He is just waiting to take over St. John’s and then it’s curtains for St. Ann’s. He is not a nice man. Worst of all, some other liberals who’ve been staying away while you were here are back and I just know they will make trouble. Rev. Norton seems to like them!

        We miss you so much Fr. Carrozza and it is a consolation to get your homilies now via this wonderful blog! May God bless you and keep you, and also bless your lovely parents, brother, sister and family. Lou sends his love, too.

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