Cardinal Dolan is a true father to his priests!

As we all know, the last of the cardinals arrived today in Rome to prepare for the conclave that will choose the next pope. These are undoubtedly very busy days for them as they gather for a world-affecting decision, so if I were someone on any cardinal’s immediate staff, I wouldn’t presume to call him unless it were something of a very urgent nature. Yet today, Cardinal Dolan took time out of his preparations for conclave to call me personally on my cell phone to see how I am doing after my rotator cuff surgery three weeks ago! He didn’t have his secretary call me in his name; he called me personally. Imagine how important that made me feel! Anyone would certainly understand if he could not keep in touch with us, and even when he is here in New York I hardly expect a phone call from him about a non-life-threatening surgery, but he has now contacted me not once but twice. And I don’t even know how he found out I had surgery!!!! I for one am extremely grateful for Cardinal Dolan and the fatherly love he gives us all. Some people have asked me, “So, do you think Cardinal Dolan will be elected pope?” My response is, “I hope not! I don’t want to lose him!” But if he is chosen and we must lose him, the Church Universal would be getting a true Holy Father! For now, may the Holy Spirit guide the College of Cardinals in their very important decisions!IMG_0481