Poems by Father Carrozza

For many years I have written a poem and placed it in my Christmas cards which I send out each year. I have recently had several people ask me to place them on my blog so that they may read them there and share them with others. I am happy to oblige. I hope you enjoy them.

The Caress of Christ

A Dog’s Life

A Song for the Shepherd Boy

Easy Football, Easy Faith

Faulty Diets, Faulty Faith

Fear Not!

God is Here

God Is Not Fair!

I Look Into the Eyes of Christ

Keep Christ in Christmas

Mary’s Song

My Living Hell

Our Savior At Work

Shine On! Bright Star

Take the Plunge!

The Day Peace Came to Earth

The Price of Love

The Real Thing

The True Savior

True Love

What! Me?

Where Was God?

Wisdom in Silence

You’re Not Alone