“Time Capsule” discovered in St. Ann’s Gym

Yesterday I had the 8th grade boys help me prepare the stage for Saturday night’s extravaganza. We had to replace half the floodlights in the ceiling, which had been dead for years. Now finally we have full color lights on our stage. We also renovated the sound cabinet, which had no handles on it. Whenever we needed to open it, we had to pry it open. While installing the handles, we opened one cabinet which seemed as if it had been sealed for years. What we found was a veritable time capsule! We found a role of smarties that was green moldy, programs from old shows, (one of the boys’ mothers recognized it as a show she witnessed as a student), and several other items. But by far the most fascinating was the discovery of an ambry (the box in the wall of a church that holds the holy oils) still in the box it was shipped in! It was addressed to Msgr. Ferme, the founding pastor of St. Ann’s, and the newspaper wrapping it was dated June 22, 1960! The boys were fascinated reading newspaper accounts that mentioned Truman and Eisenhower and Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. It was truly amazing!

So here’s the deal: last night the teen club practiced their skit of “Match Game 2012” that they’re performing Saturday night. I think it’s going to be hysterical! So everyone, come on down to St. Ann’s Saturday, May 12th at 7:00 PM for our Second Annual Variety Show. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for high school students, and $5 for children. I’m confident you will find it well worth the price of admission!