9 thoughts on “Be Strengthened in the Holy Spirit

  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you for sharing your homily, Father. Your messages at the end really filled my heart. I am so grateful for my Catholic faith! I’m a practicing Catholic today because a friend of mine from college took a chance and invited me to Mass one Sunday night. It was ‘bring a friend to Mass’ night (I hadn’t been to church in years!) and Joe asked me to be his friend. So I went. It was a huge turning point for me. That was over 20 years ago now. Never underestimate how even the smallest of gestures might lead someone to Christ! I am so thankful Joe took the chance to ask me to go that night!! He and a group of students from our dorm would come by my room every Sunday so we could all walk over to Mass together. Over time we added more stops!! I like this story because it reminds me that it doesn’t necessarily have to be something huge or loud or over the top in order to share our faith. Often it is the more quiet and subtle things that can draw people in….which is much more matched to something I can do! And yes! Imagine how our world would change if more people followed Jesus!? Thank you again.
    God Bless you,

    • Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your story! I’m so pleased to see how your life changed because of one small gesture. I pray that more people will do what Joe did for you. I hope you’ve been able to for others what Joe did for you!

      • Lauren says:

        This is something that I’ve been more and more mindful of recently. What Joe did for me was a huge gift, and it’s a gift that needs to be passed along to others. It’s a matter of overcoming hesitation to be bold, like you said in your homily, and allow those around us to see us live and embrace our Catholic faith. Peace.

  2. Oh my goodness! The “Carrozza experience?” Wow! I’m flattered! You made my day! Thanks so much!!

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Father,
    Let me say, the image I have of people being dragged into the dungeon and the great iron gate being slammed behind them, and nothing they can do about it is terrifying!!!
    So grateful God has the power to defeat the evil one.
    So grateful to Jesus for dying on the cross to save us.
    As a sinner I pray God has mercy .and really does know what is in our hearts. My fear is that I won’t be able to enter heaven. (sigh). I know, prayer and time will tell.
    Thank you for the encouraging homily.
    Happy Pentecost.


    • Thanks, Liz! Don’t be afraid! Remember that Jesus is trying to get you into heaven, not keep you out! So just do whatever he tells you and you’re fine!


      Fr. Carrozza

  4. Hannah says:

    Father, your words touched this girl today and I thank you. People have often said of me, “Oh, she’s a holy roller, a real Jesus freak.” And it hurts. But now you have given this “holly roller” some hope. Bless you.
    You mention you’ve been called worse things. Could ypu share some of those with me?

    • Thanks Hannah! I’m glad my homily helped you.

      As for the names, I’ve been called “a shame to the priesthood,” a “disgrace to God,” a hate-filled pedagogue”, and a few other choice things that as a Catholic gentleman I could never repeat. Whenever I get a response like that, I remember Jesus’ words, “Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil because of the Son of Man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For their fathers treated the prophets in the same way.” (Luke 6:22) I’ve always rejoiced that I’m hated by all the right people, for that means I’m truly preaching Christ, as they hated him too!

      Peace in Christ!

      Fr. Carrozza

      • Hannah says:

        Oh dear heart, Father. People must really hate you, just like Jesus. And I thought being called a “holy roller” was painful! I find your words helpful and inspiring. I wish I lived closer to Yonkers so I could have the full “Carrozza experience” as my friends call your Mass. Keep up the good work!

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