Is the United States ruled by the Constitution or a dictator?

President Obama’s attempt to wield his pen like a hammer and crush our First Amendment Freedom of Religion should be a wake-up call for all Americans. This November more than ever in our history, the First Amendment of the United States’ Constitution is being put to the test. We as Catholics have never voted as a solid bloc, but I feel this year we must. While there are many issues of concern that face our nation, the decision by Obama and others in Washington to ignore the First Amendment Freedom of Religion clause and force us to provide contraception coverage in our Catholic institutions should lead every American to shudder! If the Obama Administration is allowed to squash the First Amendment, which Right is next to fall? (Actually, Obama has already attempted to squash Freedom of Speech by advocating “no protest zones” any time he or the Secret Service should deem that protesters are “threatening” – without defining what constitutes “threatening”.) Today, Cardinal Dolan announced a series of lawsuits against the Obama administration’s attempt to violate our TRULY constitutional right of Freedom from government intereference in our beliefs. We MUST put the preservation of the Constitution above any other concern. Please view the attached video and vote this November for the Constitution.